Ensure Radios Remain Constantly Updated
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Top ways push technology can be used to increase the life of your radios and the effectiveness of your communications:


The desired maintenance activation can be programmed into the network to automatically initiate a notification or process (such as starting a maintenance check or a designated reprogramming of radios), or it can be initiated by a system manager who presses a specific START key on the program, which initiates the process manually. But the process itself, however instigated, is automatic after that point. The system connects to the network components and runs a preventative maintenance program on them and produces a report of its findings, allowing radio technicians to focus on mechanical repairs and writing reprogramming instructions, which the system could then carry out. Some maintenance processes, such as managing battery charging and re-installation, reprogramming instructions, and the like, will still require the work of the radio technicians; only the server-based digital radio network functionality would be subject to the push process.


Because the radio network and its components are being monitored regularly by the system server, you will likely know in advance when the system approaches insufficiency and needs to be serviced or even upgraded. The data provided by the radio’s automated maintenance server should provide clues as to the health of your radio system.


For the same reasons, by knowing in advance the overall health of your radio network, problems can be anticipated ahead of time and avoid sudden crashes of the network or a component thereof. Since evaluation and preventative maintenance of the network is being done automatically and continuously, potential problems can be caught, diagnosed, and treated early.


source:  Police One

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