VP Technology and Development
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Jim has over 20 years experience (Probably a lot more but he's not sayin' how much) selling, designing, developing and supporting many types of hardware, software and recording systems with decades of developing and marketing his ideas, even the bad ones…

He is the lead developer on our own proprietary software system which is recognized as the best system for 1 or 2 interview rooms in our core market.

We provide digital recording solutions ranging from 911 call logging, to court recording, to hearings and minutes recording and creation. Precise Digital has developed software, called Note-Link, that allows users to take hand written notes using a digital pen and paper while recording an event.

Once the notes are stored on your PC, clicking on any Note-Link note will instantly retrieve and replay the corresponding audio or video at the time your note was taken.

Precise Digital is also the developer and marketer for InVidia suite of products which include:

InVidia SR – a digital audio & video recording software application for capturing, annotating, and playing back event recordings in markets such as courts, law enforcement interviews, hearings, council meetings, human resource interviews and anywhere else a recording may need to be captured.

InVidia SRx – is a multi-camera, multi-room recording solution developed to record any number of cameras and rooms simultaneously.

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