No Complicated Software Here - We Only Do Simple, Low Cost Solutions.
No Complicated Software Here - We Only Do Simple, Low Cost Solutions.

InVidia SR Interview Room Recording Software

The best and easiest interview room recording solution for your money


InVidia SRx NVR Multi-Room Recorder for Interview Rooms

Our flagship multiple-room interview room NVR specifically developed for law enforcement



FTR Gold for Court Recording

The #1 digital court recording solution.



From Police Interview Advocacy Rooms we've got you covered.


Our #1 mission is to provide simple, inexpensive and easy to use software and hardware solutions for our customers.  If you want expensive and complicated you're at the wrong place.  


We realize you have choices to make when it comes to recording events in your interview rooms, court rooms, and hearing rooms.  If you're looking for all of the "bells and whistles" and can afford to pay for it then there are solutions that fit that niche.


Not us.


We are fixated on simple.  On easy.  On affordable.  And, we have customers in all 50 states (and a few countries) that want the same thing.


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